Our World of Learning

Our World of Learning


"Play is the highest level of child development." - Friedrich Froebel


Little Delwood Kindergarten is a term-time preschool open from 8 AM to 4 PM, for children age 2 to school age, located in tranquil North Miller's Dale, Chandler's Ford.

Coming events

Ginormous Teddy Bears Picnic - Saturday 29th June, 12PM to 3PM


We offer flexibility to suit your needs:

Morning 8am-1pm

Afternoon 1pm-4pm

Full Day 8am-4pm

School Day 9am-3pm

Emergency hours available

What parents say about us

5* "My son has really come out of his shell since joining kindergarten. He looks forward to going to pre-school every day to see his friends and teachers. It is a wonderful environment and so much thought and time is given to the activities and learning. I would highly recommend 😊"

5* "It’s perfect! Staff are amazing, children always doing new activities and learning about the world around them. Great place for any child to start their fun learning journey. Both my daughters have loved it here."

5* "The staff are great, my son loves going to nursery to be with his friends. They have lots of activities and go on lots of walks."

5* "My daughter had been in the kindergarten for more than a year.

The staff and manager always made us feel really welcome. and I feel my kid had developed a lot. I would seriously recommend this nursery."


"Play is the highest level of child development. It is the spontaneous expression of thought and feeling - an expression which his inner life requires... it promotes enjoyment, satisfaction, serenity and constitutes the source of all that can benefit the child... At this stage play is never trivial; it is serious and deeply significant."

Friedrich Froebel in Lilley 1967:84

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