About Us

Our World of Learning


Our World of Learning, or ‘OWL’, is a phrase we use often at Little Delwood Kindergarten. It is the underpinning ethos that defines our core values. But what does OWL mean to us?

  • Respect – Linking with our Golden Rules and the British Values, we encourage kindness and safe, responsible play, both towards other people and the environment. We strive for children to understand the consequences of their actions, both positive or otherwise. The Kindergarten Team role model respectful behaviour, treating children as individuals and focusing on what they can do and what is next for them in their own learning journey.  
  • Community – We enjoy being a part of our local community, supporting and being supported by local suppliers and businesses, as we strive to make the most of the areas and resources surrounding us. We take frequent trips to the nearby woods and around the estate, which encourages the children to undertake new challenges, understand boundaries, and develop their practical physical skills while enjoying ‘freedom with guidance’.  
  • Connectedness – We present learning as a meaningful whole, linking, where possible, to children’s own experiences and interests. We frequently use the changing seasons as a guide to enhance the children’s real life experiences while making sense of the world around them. Experiences provided by Little Delwood Kindergarten will help children to learn and develop real skills that lay the foundation for life, such as cooking, baking, washing up, tidying, planting and creating, to name just a few. 

Our Aims


At Little Delwood Kindergarten, our aim is to provide:

  • A dynamic learning environment that can be shaped and directed by adults and children alike, uniting elements of predictably and surprise, flexibility and routine, planning and spontaneity.  
  • A wide variety of open-ended equipment and resources, both ‘bought’ and ‘found’, in order to provide limitless possibilities for play and exploration and investigation.
  • Ample opportunity for ‘self-chosen’ play, to develop children’s determination, concentration, imagination and persistence.   
  • The freedom and independence that children need to choose and pursue their own path.  
  • The time and space to reflect on and understand themselves as individuals, as well as the world around them.  
  • Meaningful relationships between parents, team, and children, in order to foster the best outcomes for every child while working together.